Hello world!

I was planning my long time travel for over years and now i am ready to make it.

My plan is to start from Croatia then travel in Balkans. After Balkans i will search for a way to cross the Ocean to reach to South America. I will try to travel all the way in South America and again cross the ocean for Southeast Asia.

There is no timetable or deadline for my travel. I will travel as much as i can.

I want to volunteer on the way. Not only for the money thing. Also for being helpful for the people and environment.

I will try to find a way to cross the oceans. In that way i can show to travelers another way of traveling.

Here are the main projects;

1) Speak for A Change:
I will ask some questions to the people that i meet on the road and record the answers with a video recorder. Questions related to education system, environment problems, social cases etc… Same questions to different people of age, culture, nationality. After i finish my travel i will edit them to make a documentary.

2) Out of Visa Area:
Most of western countries ask for a visa from Turkish citizens. Obtaining visas from embassies can be hard sometimes. Specially if you are just a student or just a traveler on a low budget.

I want to show to my country’s young people, they can travel on countries that doesn’t need visa. There are lots of amazing countries.

I plan my travel to countries that don’t ask for visa from Turkish citizens.

3) Faces of the World:
As a photographer i will take as much photos as i can. I want to make an album contains portraits of people that i meet on the road.

Of course besides these ones i will write my blog and maybe i can be able to write a book.

Here is the plan about how to finance my travel;
I have some amount of money in pocket that can ok for 3 – 4 months.
I will volunteer on eco-camps or hostels. helpx is handy for that.
I am a professional photographer. On the way i can take people’s photos with fancy style & poses and sell them on cd with a low price. I can take 80-100 poses of a couple and put them on cd for a 10-15 euro.
I will put donation option to my travel blog. If somebody donates about 15 euros every month regularly i will give all the videos and photos on dvd that i took on the road as a thank you gift.
I will try to find some way to work and collect some money on the road.

I am all alone now. I hope to find some traveler on the road to travel together. Not maybe all the way but for some days or weeks can be nice.

What can you do to support;
1) Invite your friends to join www.facebook.com/nomadlizard/
2) Bookmark my blogsite to follow www.drummerlizard.com
3) Share something; money, clothing, shoe, underwear, health check, food, bed, tea, coffee or even just a warm conversation.
4) Send me email via my blog site. That makes me feel allright all the time.

Don’t stand still, Do Something and DO IT NOW!!!


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