Gear for Veer!

Hey Folks;

At the end i bought new gear for veer. These are not for really professional use. But i’m not gonna climb to Everest. But hey this is a good idea, isn’t it.

1) 70 Lt. Eye Mountaineer Backpack:

Eye Mountaineer 70 Lt. Adventure backpack has affordable price and good quality. It is for short distance, light hiking and camping activities. It has 2 compartments on the head side. One is inside and the other is outside. Bottom compartment is for sleeping bag. Inside of bottom part there is a separator so that you can separate this place from the main compartment of the backpack.

On the very bottom part there is a rain cover attached to backpack. This is very useful so that you can use it on rainy days outside.

2) Voyager 10C Sleeping Bag:

  Compact sleeping bag. It has 10C comfort and 3C extreme levels. Filling is 100gr/m2 seven hollowfibre. It has really small bag. Perlons on the side is useful when you put the sleeping bag inside. It is not for camping out in extreme winter time but is good for mild weather conditions. I will stay indoors in winter so this sleeping bag is enough for me. It’s cheap (Thanks! to Tesco), small and light. On the label it says it is waterproof but i am not sure about it. It depends on the rain amount. I will test it and make you know later.

3) Cooking Set for 2:


This is one of the must for a long time journey. Made from Aluminium. The set is really light and compact. It has 2 dishes, 1 fry pan, 1 pot and 2 plastic cups. You can put everything inside and cover with belt. It is small and easy to use.

4) Keen Hiking Boots:

 The Siskiyou WP offers all the benefits of a serious hiking boot in a low profile and affordable shoe. Ready for winter with a waterproof/breathable KEEN.DRY membrane and tough, trail-ready mesh venting panels, the Siskiyou WP keeps feet dry and comfortable through wet weather. For the first couple of days boots were a little bit tight but after some use now it is comfortable 🙂


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