Let The Countdown Begins

It is 2nd January 2012 04:27 am at the moment.
By the time you see this post come out, probably i will have arrived to my first destination- Serbia.
The latest situation at the moment; exhaustion and sleeplessness of packing and unpacking my bag for 5 times. I had to discard many stuff to make the bag lighter. So i have to keep my belongings minimal. But i am uncertain about the tent which is the heaviest one. I hope my 2.5kg tent which is now swinging next to my bag will be useful in an appropriate situation. If it won’t, i’ll leave it on the half way.

What’s in my bag?
-Buff (Thanks to Ceyda)
-2 T-shirts
-1 sweat-shirt
-1 jean
-1 sweat-pants
-1 pair wool pants
-1 medium bath towel
-Sleeping bag
-Tent for 2 people
-Aluminium saucepan set for 2 person
-Plastic pot with 2 covers
-Medicaments (Antibiotics, analgesic – antipyretics)
-Medium sized trash bag
-Camera and lenses
-Video camera
-First Aid Kit (Antiseptic solution, tourniquet, scissors, terramycin, plaster, antihistaminique, burn pomade)
-2 books
-Whistle for emergency
-Personal care (wet-tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, little bottle shampoo, nail clipper)
-Spray for insects, flies, ticks
-Battery chargers, Usb cable, headphones, 640 gb Usb harddisc
-A few packs of instant soup 
-Required papers (Passport, international vaccine card, passport photographs, bank cards)
-Sun glasses
The only thing i hope now is my bag to be light enough for the flight. It’s not going to be pleasant to go to the airport and leave some stuff just because of that weight issue.
Song of the day – Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi / Evet Evet

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