Weird Beginning at The Airport

The journey literally has started. With some strangeness at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. As of today, all flights will be operated at the international terminal due to construction works at the domestic terminal. While i was checking-in the weird things began to happen. When the THY staff told me that they had no “Priority Baggage” sticker left, my answer was clear: “Well, I’m not in a hurry and don’t have any place to catch up!”

So, as an advantage of this terminal exchange, I could buy the outward stamp(?!) at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. The price of lefting your country?! 15 tl. One step for being an independent voyager, PRICELESS!

After having my board passes and CIP enterence card, when i passed through the terminal inner security check i realized that unfortunately there was no access to CIP room from inside the building. I quickly asked how i can reach the room to a THY staff i came across. The answer was a signal to the weirdness will be continue. I had to go outside, get downstairs and walk beside to the building. Then i went back outside through the security check with the strange stares of policemen. When the THY staff i asked for help told me that he can take me to the CIP room via a vehicle, a real smile occured on my face. Meanwhile i learned that i could directly go to the CIP room and have my check-in, left my baggage and get my boarding pass there, without entering the international terminal, with my CIP opportunity (Thanks to Miles&Smiles).
“Next time you may prefer this way” said the THY staff. Now I’m sending my best from here and notify him with pleasure that there will be no “next time”.

I was feeling that CIP room’s interesting showy air and i became a great couple. Tiny tomato and cheese sandwich and tea in glass was so tasty. In a place that mini portions are served like everyone was on diet, the XL bodies’ dance was noteworthy.

In a half an hour the Izmir-Istanbul flight will be departed. Following this one, i have one more flight to the airport that is named after one of the scientists i admire, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. I really wonder about the 21th century state of the land that Tesla had born and educated.

Lizard on the Road; reported from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport…


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