On the road

Lizard is on the road. I feel lots of different emotions that i never had before. I think this should be the feeling of real freedom.


I arrived to Belgrade on 2nd of January. On the customs check the police wanted me to wait. After i show my old passport with full of visas they allowed me to pass. Tesla airport is medium sized. I found a tobacco shop to buy a prepaid sim card for 200 dinars and bus ticket for 60 bucks. Then from upstairs i took the bus 73. This took me to center. It was very easy to find. Everybody is so friendly and helpful.
My cs host Dragana lives in little bit outside of center. Was very easy to find the place. The area is surrounded by a forest which is quite and lovely. Also is very easy to reach to center.


She welcome me with a local drink made from nut and honey. It was sweet as my host but strong as cold weather of Balkans. Thanks to her mom 🙂
My first impresion was the words in common between Turkish and Serbian. We share almost same culture with some differences. This made me feel at home.
First night we went out to a bar with Dragana’s friends. People are nice and warm at hearth. Thank you Dragana, Maya and all others that hard for me to remember the names. You all made my day.
Yesterday i came to Boshko’s place. He is a writer and artist. He has a commune in village Rudnik. Lives in a simple life with nature.


i will stay here for couple of months to gain inner peace and write some articles.


2 thoughts on “On the road

  1. Living in a simple life in the nature is best!
    Keep going writing your blog. I’ll be following your trip brother. Good luck on your travel.

  2. Great! Serbia and Turkey are very close in terms of culture and distance. 🙂 I hope you will write more about life in Brezovica with Boshko and others. Enjoy and rejoce! 🙂 Best regards! See you around! 🙂

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