To Be or To Die On The Road

The first week of the step towards individual anarchism. Planning that starts with chaos as suits its native. Becoming physically reality of a ten-year-dream.

To being created by their own contraries of the decision to going among people like himself, has chaos and irony. The contrariety drifts to singularity. The result is just like what i expect-shrinking to a nullity.

So at the destination, everything loses their meaning and returns to theirselves. Able to exist in nihilism.

Beginning of the road shows its presence on internet web multiple search. The places which will be volunteer untill spring and provide opportunity to listen my inner voice, are closed to external requests.

Questions are being asked, answers are gotten. The place that calls the spirit appears. A reply comes from a further, isolated, simplified reality. According to Boshko, all beings are material by its singularity. He says come in, door is open. He welcomes who wants to be invited, to the literature and art’s simple, brave and honest life that dedicated to singular anarchy and time loses its importance in it.

Body leaves the place. To destroy the time and be abstracted. To acknowledge the evidence of fact that belonging sense lost its meaning is the biggest step. Rest is just moving on. Existing without falling into time and belonging the place. What a great happiness and freedom feeling. Beginning of the road has very complicated senses that can make the big bang jealous. All senses, emotions, thoughts that can exist meet suddenly over the middle of my chest. Everything finds its meaning by the time they lost them. Fear, joy, thrill, sadness, bravery, curious,happiness, enthusiasm, tranquillity… Each state meets its contrast. Begins to know it. When it’s time to move, all of them diffuse to each part of the body. Hands and legs shake just before the flight. A huge blank lays on everywhere.

The first step to nothingness at the destination and a deep breath suddenly throw all senses out of the body.


Posted from Rudnik, Serbia.


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