After arriving to Belgrade my first steps were for Dragana. She accepted my couch-request at CS. A nice travel from center of Belgrade to Kosutnjak. Passing the road inside of a nice forest. Getting off at a place, have never been before. Feeling the existence in unknown.
A smiling face with opened arms appeared on opposite side of the road. Simple but kindly hug is enough to transform the foreigner to a friend.

Union of hazelnut and honey produced fantastic taste of home-made liqueur. Taste Oscar goes to Dragana’s mom.

Liqueur and wine warmth the body as well as the souls. Two souls keep the dialogue for all day and night. It’s getting hard to stop the conversation. Looks like it started years or maybe ages ago.
Similar feelings, experiences are coming out from minds which took place in different time, place and with different people. Souls are filling with peace and hope while they are finding answers to questions in mind.

Unity in diversity is all around. 4 days are enough for a friendship.

Now the friendship takes place where the time and space lost their meaning.


One thought on “UNITY IN DIVERSITY

  1. Never tried a hazelnut rakija.. that must have been amazing. I made a life-lasting friendship ’cause of a bottle of medica and only 1 seat left at a taken table in a bar..

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