Singularity in Belgrade Center

A simple walk to Belgrade city center.

A bus trip following an unclear direction. It is mind’s and soul’s function to determine where the destination point is. Questions towards only yourself are anwered by yourself for an absolute freedom sense. Repating once more: Individual / Singular Anarchy.

Body starts walking through streets that answers to mind’s looking around and holler  “ Yes here it is.” Relief and unbounded smile that occurs at beginning of the road keep on during the whole way. 

Directions come from further side of mind, from itself of soul. Turn right, go straight, cross that road, walk upward. Stop! Take a look at your left …

Getting lost in knife edge. Singular existance grows out of loss. Being belong to a time that it is seen what has to be seen, heard what has to be heard and happening what has to happen in.

Roads are very well orginized and sidewalks are low against the civilization. Cars are parked where they have to be at along the way. Drivers are pretty courteous to pedestrians and they obey the rules.

Women’s majority is noteworthy in population. According to Dragana, the rate is 3:1. So the man gets much value. It can’t be said that they use that chance well due to their genesis.


Women are extremely beautiful, kind and polite, and they complain from men’s rude and apathetic behaviour.

Gentlemanliness is rarely seen here opposite as we’ve known.Existing of men who prepare breakfast taking their girlfriends/wifes to shopping or dinner  is such a fairy tale across women.

People with classy clothes are filling the streets and having fun because of Christmas.

They serve Rakija (to be read as rakiya) which is a home-made distilled drink everywhere. The extremely hard drink that is served in small liqour cups and with a glass of water should be drunk with little sips. Good luck to the ones who would like to have shots as a typical Turkish like me.

 The existence of art can be observed in each street and squares which have modern, retro or classical sculptures and sinks, many posters of opera, classic music and world wide famous bands’ concerts, and losts of fancy  theater houses.



Italian, Spanish and Portuguese influence on art taste is noteworthy as different  from Turkey.

Architecture splits in two as classic and modern like in every big country which has long historical past. The most noteworthy structure types have Ottoman and Roman influence. My first friend in Belgrade Dragana’s biggest complain is that hotels and goverment buldings which have classic architecture are covered by shiny lights. Dragana states that it is not pleasing to see that buildings like Las Vegas casinos however they should be seen dignified.

Belgrade offers many choices for food on streets. As in Turkey, fast food such as borek, sandwiches and pizza pieces are very common in bufes. Tastes in bufes are satisfying as their prices are almost the same in Turkey. 150-200 dinars is enough for an avarage meal. Today, 1 Turkish lira is 40 dinars.

Public transportation is a little different from Turkey. You can get out of bus from any door. You should insert the tickets that you can buy from little cabins called Traffic, inside the little machines in busses. So they get a hole and can’t be used again. System works with just auto-control. Nobody controls you wheater you have done that or not. Sometimes some civil staff can check tickets on bus. In that situation, being a foreigner is a big advantage. It is possible to use many busses with a few tickets in your pocket. However, to respect to the country, it is proper not to do that instead.


In Serbia the most surprising habit i’ve seen is Turkish coffee addiction. Serving a cup of coffee to each guest is a tradition like in our country. The only difference is that in Serbia Turkish coffee is consumed in big cups, sugar-free and all day long. There’s a common saying here too, that if a girl cooks good coffee, her marrige chance is high.

Sarma is one of the popular meals here like in Turkey. There are both meat and meatless sarma in quadrangle shape and made of cabbage leaf.  Adding some extra carrot makes them to have really better taste.

Their world view, perspective to political issues and social lives are very smiliar to Western Anatolian Turkish people.They keep telling always with a smile every time that 500 year long Ottoman rule is effective on this.


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