Time, Place, Effect

Dear Grand Creator… You have packed those intense, heavy and ready-to-explode feelings into that limited body i am in.

Right on middle of my chest, towards to back side.

Getting swollen with every breath..

Looking for a way for itself to expand enough to cover whole space, universe. Ready to do this.

Just waiting for its time.


And of course it needs to have a proper beginning point to spread through universe.


It needs a power to destroy the body and get out.


A person to generate the effect. The “thing” that can pass through further away from all physical limits where it touches the skin, all of the muscles, bones, juicy blood, goes ahead confidently and have the power of touching the soul.

Staying was difficult while going all around.

Staying got hard after had gone away.


The miracle words were these. Be thought everyone everywhere.

How hard it is to try to teach yourself something.

Learning yourself from yourself.

Loneliness in society. Repeats of the story that already known. Facing the fears. The fears that have not occurred before. This time type of causing the anticor insufficiency.


In fact not the “thing”(you), the fear is about to lose myself that is into you this time.

Forsaking myself is a very far possibility.

Out of possibility.

Myself to forsake me….

Shouldn’t be possible”

Just on the Big Bang eve…


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