Walking around Balkan

After spending 2 months in Brezovica – Cacak with Bozidar MANDIC my way crossed with Sandrine, French girl, 26, By occupation she’s a nurse, she came from France to Serbia only by foot (no car, no train, no hh) so around 2730 km.

We will keep going the way still in walking..

We will start in Uzice in Serbia walk to MOKRA GORA, cross the border in KOTROMAN to go in Bosnia, pass in VISEGRAD, GORAZDE, SRBINJE, cross the Montenegrian border in SCEPAN BOLJE, go to the DURMITORS, continue by NICSIS, KOTOR, follow the coast and cross the Albanian border in DODAJ, keep going to follow the coast until TIRANE, ELBASAN, cross the Macedonian border in PERRANJAS, POGRADEC to see the lake Kalista and Prespa, and continue until SKOPJE.

We plan to do this around 3 months.

We make couchsurfing on the way and the other days we use our tent almost everywhere, or find empty houses etc…

We would like to meet CSers or local people on our way, if you are near our road and want to meet us or support us or host us we will enjoy it. And if you have any suggestion, feel free to send us message.


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