Porodica Bistrih Potoka

A life has been living for 35 years in a 100-years-old village house in the nature of Rudnik Mountain hillsides. A writer who accepts one-man anarchy as a way. A lifestyle away from city technology and consuming that dictated by civilization.

He welcomes warmly everyone who would like to join to his life that he has started with staying away from complications and money system.

He provides nearly all he needs from nature. Vegetables growed in a little garden, home-made pickle, tomato paste and drinks are kept in a larder for winter. Most of the woods for fire are picked from forest in amount of daily need and cut. Water is taken from the river across the house, drinking water is provided from a small spring 1 km away.

There’s no chemical cleaning here. Using detergent only for pots which vegetables are cooked in doesn’t seem logical to me.

Boshko says 3 things that is forbidden;

  1. Meat
  2. Drugs
  3. Aggressive Attitude

Protein necessity is provided from animal products such as eggs, milk, yoghurt and cheese. He says that he is not a vegeterian but he is against animals to be killed for food.

He prefers to do the daily routins as quick as possible such as cooking , cutting woods, doing dishes and spare more time for talking and creativity.

Everything in the house is made of wood except a few spoon and saucepan. Each object has a history. The table that i am writing on it is nearly 70-80 years old. His father had made it by the time his parents got married.

There’s a small wooden chair. It’s 100 years old. It had been used in an exhibit with a new one to show the old and the new.

Even the house is 100 years old.

There are two buckets to carry the water. According to Nestor, the same buckets have being used for 35 years.

Boshko tells that they never used money  while he was living with his family. He tells very proudly, excited and happily that they had provided all their needs from their cows, chickens and garden, cooked their own bread, and all his clothes were sewn by his wife.

While he is getting older, because taking care of pets is getting harder for him, he lives only with a cat named “Theater”.

When his children grew up they had built their own life and moved to city. When the life in nature got harder and harder his wife had wanted to move to city too and they had broken up.

He never thinks about a life in city. “I belong here, i can only exist here”, he says.

He has been moving on his life alone for a long time. Even he feels difficulties sometimes and feels sorrow, he says “This is my life, my living philosophy” and accepts all feelings.

He says that the creativity is a part of the nature and the only way to live creativity in high levels, is to return to the nature individually.

He had started to his writing life with poems in his young ages. After a short time, he had taken a 10 years break off writing and reading.

He writes a weekly column for a newspaper mostly about literature and art. Once in a while his books are being published. He opens exhibitions in Belgrade, puts plays on stage.

There is a popular festival here on every summer. In the nature, creations that take power from nature are exhibited and performed. Very important actors/actresses and writers meet more than a hundered people and literal sharing occurs.


Lestvica/The Scale – full movie 23 min. from kulturoltar on Vimeo.

Did you ever spend time for volunteering or in a commune? How was your experience?